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Rule #1 - Choose a lighting style

Choose 1 light style!

Commercial light

The commercial light is the most versatile one. It's soft and even light, perfect for presentations, book layouts, and magazine articles. With limited shadows and highlights, it's very easy to add some darkness or light in the areas that you want and shape the light exactly how you need it. If you are looking for an image that can fit pretty much everywhere, this is the real deal! It is the perfect lighting style for a clean, commercial look.


Commercial Light


Natural Light

The natural light is the most artistic of them all. It has been an iconic lighting style used by painters since the 17th century and it's still trendy. Foodies use bay windows as a light source to get that look for books and blogs. It also has this dramatic look that you need for movie posters or any visual project that needs personality and depth. It's great for advertising, book covers or packaging.


Natural Light

Use 'light types' to browse only one light type at once!

If you pay attention we added a filter that enable to see either LC or LN alone, very usefull once you know which light type you need!


drag n drop low res

Still not sure what light style to choose?

Get the second lighting style for half the price!

On custom orders, contact us.

Rule #2 - Define the right proportion for your images!

Images proportion

Start by adding your main image to your design, then bring other images to your design so that the proportion of theses new element fit regarding the first one. In other words, you can just look as size things have in real life. That is a key element to the realistic design, understand the relationship between elements, just like they are in reality. Example: a smartphone, a coffee mug, and some coffee bean don't have the same size, so change the size so each looks as they should.

Règle #3 - Define the direction of a light source!

Shadows direction

All our images by default use the same light source direction, so if you want to rotate an image at a precise angle, make sure to use that same angle for all the images of your design. It's easy to understand we you can see the shadow direction is the key to spot if your image direction totally matches with each other.

LAYER-LAB chart products

PRO images are:
- Format .PSD (photoshop)
- Image and shadow on separated layers (Editables)
- High resolution (max 7000 x 4900 pixels)
- Transparency (glass, liquid, etc)
- Embedded sRGB color (don't require color management)

WEB images are:
- Format .PNG, JPG
- Image and shadow on one layer (Merged)
- Low resolution (max. 1080 x 1080 pixels)
- Transparency (glass, liquid, etc)
- Embedded Standard sRGB web colors

Make sure to choose the right file type in the cart!

Once you added an image to the cart you'll see the option to either choose 'WEB' or 'PRO'.


drag n drop low res

Clever tip! Use our thumbnail images to create a quick demo!

Drag and drop images to your desktop.This way you'll know if you found the right images!

drag n drop low res previews

Hey! I haven't found what I'm looking for?

We produce large quantities of photos each day, so it is possible that we already have the images you are looking for! Please don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your image needs.


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