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Stop spending your time isolating images.

#1 choose from 2 unique lighting styles!

Layer-Lab 2 styles

Lighting is the key element that defines an image personality and style. With 2 different lighting styles, Layer-Lab offers a wide range of possibilities. By looking at ads, fashion or food magazines and paintings, we created 2 lighting styles that are universal, timeless and effective. Each of them was created to help you create unique, one of a kind images! Our image numbers always end with a suffix representing the lighting style. _LN : Natural Light or _LC : Classic Light.


Classic Light

The Classic Light is the most versatile one. It's a soft and even light, perfect for presentations, book layouts and magazine articles. With limited shadows and highlights, it's very easy to add some darkness or light in the areas that you want and shape the light exactly how you need it. If you are looking for an image that can fit pretty much everywhere, this is the real deal! It is the perfect lighting style for a clean, commercial look.


goldleaf cider apple advertising


Natural Light

The Natural Light is definitely the most artistic of them all. It has been an iconic lighting style used by painters since the 17th century and it's still trendy. Foodies use bay windows as a light source to get that look for books and blogs.It also has this dramatic look that you need for movie posters or any visual project that needs personality and depth. It's great for advertising, book covers or packaging.


tusker cider


#2 You are not sure of your choice? Test the low res images.


Drag and drop the low res images on our library and try it in your montage.


drag n drop low res



#3 Choose images, add to cart and process to checkout.

We will send you a download link before 24h (weekdays and 72h weekends).


#4 Download images and have fun!







- Never make the rotation with images.

If not, you will lose the realist, because your light doesn't match.


- Take care to give a good proportion at images.

If not, you will lose the realist, because your light doesn't match.


- Add shadows in 1 click! FREE WITH YOUR ORDER!

This method will be soon remplace in 2020 by new images that include shadows. All our images are now PNG version without shadow, will be remplaced by PSD version with editable shadow layer.  For limited time all PNGs images are 1$ when you buy 25 and more and get shadow preset for free, add shadows in 1 click to your PNGs.

official health insurer of the indians


Build your composition @ 72 DPI using high-resolution PNG's as smart objects. You are not limited to 72 dpi, it's only that because photoshop is creating layer style effect with a limited resolution. Keep on reading there is an easy solution.


If you are building a composition @ 300 DPI you'll experience bad shadow effects. See the shadow size chart 72 DPI to help you choose the right shadow depending on your PNG pixel ratio. Once you're satisfied with your composition @ 72 DPI, change image size to 300 DPI or any other resolution you may needed. Now your shadows will be resized to match the new resolution you selected. You can always switch back to 72 DPI if you want to add or modify any of the shadows.


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