Most of the time, wine advertising designs are not as interesting as other alcoholic ads. In fact, it's always the same boring pattern : a wine bottle with a vineyard image on the background. Hopefully, we still can find ingenious wine concepts that could give inspiration! Creativity is still on the run!

Check this out!

1. Campo Viejo wine bottle

2. Jacked wine

3. Alfa Romeo drinking advertising

4. Bourgogne wine

5. Brancott Estate wine bottle

6. Festival de Queijos e Vinhos design

7. Bodegas Pomar varietales

8. Festivino by SAQ

9. Don Pascual - Pure character

10. Have your cake and drink it too -�Red Velvet Wine

11. For instant & Maximum absorption - Nikol paper

12. Foire aux vins Français - SAQ

13. From France to Antalya with love - Macrocenter

14. Wine Label Designs

15. Oreanda chardonnay wine bottle ads

16. Winefest California Mania - SAQ

17. Ariel stain remover

18. Acavitis wine

19. Chigny-Les-Roses - Champagne Chardet

20. "Pleats Please Happy Anniversary" - Issey Miyake

21. Wine glass - Vanish paper

22. Chianti wine advertising

23. Born to be wine

24. Mon rêve - LA wines

25. Merlot goes well with poultry - Aurora wines

26. SAQ wine advertising

27. Hillbrand Jazz & Blues at the Winery

28. BBQ & Wine - SAQ

29. Malidare Estate wine ads

30. Asti - Martini

As long as there are artists to explore new possibilities, we still can find a way to be inspired and create designs we've never seen or thought about it! Just like these concepts, a good and funny wine advertising can succeed to catch the audience's eye!

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-Layer-Lab's team