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Wine ads design for inspiration -

Most of the time, wine advertising designs are not as interesting as other alcoholic ads. In fact,  it's always the same boring pattern : a wine bottle with a vineyard image on the background. Hopefully, we still can find ingenious wine concepts that could give inspiration! Creativity is still on the run!
Check this out!

1- Campo Viejo wine bottle

2- Jacked wine

3- Alfa Romeo drinking advertising

4- Bourgogne wine

5- Brancott Estate wine bottle

6- Festival de Queijos e Vinhos design

7- Bodegas Pomar varietales

8- Festivino by SAQ

9- Don Pascual - Pure character

10- Have your cake and drink it too - Red Velvet Wine

11- For instant & Maximum absorption - Nikol paper

12- Foire aux vins Français - SAQ

13- From France to Antalya with love - Macrocenter

14- Wine Label Designs

15- Oreanda chardonnay wine bottle ads

16- Winefest California Mania - SAQ

17- Ariel stain remover

18- Acavitis wine

19- Chigny-Les-Roses - Champagne Chardet

20- "Pleats Please Happy Anniversary" - Issey Miyake

21- Wine glass - Vanish paper

22- Chianti wine advertising

23- Born to be wine

24- Mon rêve - LA wines

25- Merlot goes well with poultry - Aurora wines

26- SAQ wine advertising

27- Hillbrand Jazz & Blues at the Winery

28- BBQ & Wine - SAQ

29- Malidare Estate wine ads

30- Asti - Martini

As long as there are artists to explore new possibilities, we still can find a way to be inspired and create designs we've never seen or thought about it! Just like these concepts, a good and funny wine advertising can succeed to catch the audience's eye!

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