How to create your own custom typography and shapes with Layer-Lab

Layer-Lab is an innovative way to add a special touch to your designs. You can use it to create unique custom typography and shapes full of colors and texture. Wanna see an example of what you could do with the Layer-Lab images? Have a look at the Sex & Candy project we just made.

It's way easier than doing the whole arts and craft thing.

Let's say you want your magazine cover to feature a snowman made out of white candy for your Christmas Edition. There was some pretty cool stuff on Pinterest but you my friend are no Martha Stewart. You're trying to put the candies on there one by one, but everything moves. Hours of hard work could be ruined by a simple sneeze. You have very little control over what you do. You could use glue, but what if you want to change it afterward ? And let's face it, you'll just get some glue all over the place!

But wait, you're not out of the woods yet. You'll still need a decent photographer coming in with expensive lighting equipment to make sure your masterpiece looks good once printed. Good luck with that!

You don't have to go through all this anymore. There's a better way to do it! And it's faster!

You could just get what you need on Layer-Lab and be done in a couple of hours. We bet your clients will be pretty happy about that because we know they want it done for yesterday. Trust us, we've been there before!

You will have complete control over what you do! Therefore, you can be 100% sure that you will complete the project in a timely manner. You'll save money (make more money) and will be able to accept those ridiculously short deadline contracts that just keep coming!!

Here's how you do it.

1 - download a pack in our Shape-Lab collection. Make sure you're getting some fill-in sheets and individual PNGs.
2 - Create a vector shape or choose a font and outline it
3 - In Photoshop, apply a fill-in sheet on your vector or text
4 - Go around the edges with some individual PNGs. Done!

Can you imagine trying to put every single one of these candy in there on a piece of paper without completely losing your mind ? I mean, we tried it! Trust us, you don't want to waste your time on this!

Sex and Candy Custom Lettering by Bjorn Berglund

When we first started with Layer-Lab, we asked our friend Bjorn Berglund to test it out and to see what a creative mind such as him could do with it. If you don't know Bjorn, you should definitely look him up. He's a graphic designer out of Sweden, but he is so much more than just your average graphic designer. He specializes in custom hand lettering and, Oh Boy, his lettering are phenomenal.

We asked him to create custom typography for our fake Foodies Magazine cover and to use our Candy Collection to create a one of a kind design. After designing a one of a kind Sex & Candy design, he was able to fill it with our candy images faster than possible before.

Here's what Bjorn had to say about Layer-Lab

''Oh, the images from Layer LAB are super-fun to use. For anyone that doesn't have a full size photo studio (like me) Layer Lab converts my computer in a digital playful studio. The image are so easy to use; just open the images and paste them into your artwork. Since all the images have transparent background, it makes it very easy to combine them together and create wonderful stuff.

One big advantage is the amount of different images of the same stuff. Take the nerd candies for example, there are a lot of different angles and sizes that makes it possible to create larger stuff without anybody spotting any duplicates or repeating patterns. Another advantage is the quality, the images has been isolated with care for details. What are you waiting for?

''Don't forget to have a look at Bjorn's work

See you Soon