Eating healthy is surely recommended by every doctors and specialists existed, but sometimes we all need a cheat day to simply appreciate food. In fact, having once a time a chocolate bar or a donut will not affect directly the body, but it can be hard to stop when we start to eat it. Indeed, it looks like industries know how to get our attention with creative and tempting chocolate and sweet ads designs by showing its delicious flavours!


1. Fresh everything - Calgary Farmer's market

2. Melty Chocolate images

3. Jelly Beans ads designs

4. Tea party - Lenovo

5. We come in pieces - Tent'a

6. Kill your cravings - Slimsticks

7. Hot wheels sweet ads

8. Food is not a reward - Unimed

8. Obesity campaign - Lollies and chocolate explosion image

9. Mcflurry - Mcdonald

10. Here's to the Chocoholics - Pia chocolate ads

11. Skull candy image

12. Everything's better with Milk - Milk

13. Summer of love - Oreo advertising

14. C is for cookies, and G is for gone - Choowy Goowy

15. This is not a chocolate bar - Green & black's ads

16. Hold what matters

17. Summer heart - N.Y. Bagels cafe

18. Cocoa traffickers - Chocolate & strawberry image

19. Cookie & Cappuccino - Mcdonald advertising

20. Kid's parties are better with cake - Mr. Kipling

21. Oreo advertising images

22. Carrot Muffins - McCafe

23. Whisk and chocolate almonds image

24. Spanish Clementines are nature's sweets ads

25.House of donuts ads

26. Small cakes, big occasions - Petits gâteaux

27. Excellence mint intense - Lindt chocolate ads

28. Leonidas chocolate ads

29. Eco cookie - IED

30.Magnum flavour explosion advertising

Did you get your little sweet guilty pleasure after having a look to these chocolate and sweet ads?! Well, we surely had ours!

These sweet advertisings are a good example of how you can be creative with Layer-Lab's images and give you some inspiration for your concept! Discover our Sweets and Candies Collection in our isolated image collection.