What about letting for two minutes the everyday work routine to present some creative and funny advertisings? Layer-Lab has the honor to show you its office theme inspirations of the week! Here are talented designers around the world who are helping the graphic community to be inspired by sharing their fantastic creations. Those pieces of art are relevant about how Layer-Lab's images can be used and be effective!


1. Office print campaign

Creative and clever office scene's advertising. Fantastic integration of the paper clip with other normal supplies. Simple and effective!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Venezuela / Creative Directors: Paula Camino, Exequiel Rodriguez / Art Director: Miriangela Villegas / Illustrator: Francisco Jimenez / Photographers: Alexis Da MotaLuis Padilla. / Locations: Venezuela. See all project

2. Pencil advertising, print campaign

Funny and ingenious pencil advertising. What a nice mix between the supply and the transportation. Let's write about this!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: PencilWings, Mumbai, India /Creative Director: Parvej Pathan / Art Directors: Sandeep Shiraskar, Shraddha Bhaip / Copywriter: Kuldeep Pandey / Photographer: Prashant Anjikar / Additional Credits: Brijesh Mahanta.
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3. Telephone print campaign

What an absurd phone advertising which sends effectively the campaign message. Hoping the bill isn't too expensive

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: JWT Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad / Creative Director: Peter Moyse / Associate / Creative Director: Firas Medrows / Art Directors / Copywriters: Firas Medrows / Photographer: Tejal Patni / Illustrators: Firas Medrows, Nabil Kamara / Location: Dubai, UAE. See other projects

4. Lobster telephone advertising

This telephone and art advertising is really unexpected. The chosen elements putting together reflect creativity itself!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Paulo, Brazil / Creative Directors: Renato Simoes, Bruno Prosperi, Luiz Sanches Junior / Art Director: Tiago Pinho / Copywriters: Leandro Marchiori, Andre Almeida / Photographer: Marcus Hausser / Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil. View this project

5. Instagram post

Well, and beautifully organized office supplies as the computer and the coffee cup in this photo! What a great working morning this should be!

CREDITS: Maranda Johanna , @office.designs

6. Pulp Books Boardroom campaign, print campaign

Those are comical and interesting office scenes because of the books in the place of the character's head! Clearly, I need to embellish my library!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa / Creative Director:Rui Alves/ Art Director: Juliet Honey / Copywriter: Lee Naidoo / Photographer: Clive Stewart Stylist: Mia Widlake / Retoucher: Rob Frew / Location : Johannesburg, South Africa. See more projects

7. Sukasa Pen Campaign

Looks like this pen is heavy! Really smart and funny way to present the pillow product in this office scene.

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Veritas DDB, Guyaquil, Ecuador Chief / Creative Officer:Jairo Lezaca / Creative Director: Omar Monta / Art Director: Alex Dom inguez / Copywriters: Omar Montano, Jairo Lezaca, Daniel Aguilar / Photographer: Ramiro Salazar. See more projects

8. Pen-gouin campaign

This light and imaginative scrabble advertising is pretty smart. Even if there are only two elements, the combination is cool and understandable! Let's protect the Pen-guins!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Twiga, Kiev, Ukraine / Creative Director:Slavik Fokin / Art Director: Dima Tsapko / Design Studio: Tough Slate Design/ Copywriters: Slavik Fokin, Dima Tsapko / Location: Kiev, Ukraine. See more projects

9. Knock the Routine out of the Park, Office

What a smash! Powerful office scene for a baseball advertising! The explosion effect with the supplies is amazing!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: La Sociedad, Monterrey, Mexico / Creative Directors: Humberto, Pablo Leva / Art Directors: Rafael Garc,Veronica Verona / Copywriters: Mauricio Alan, Ernesto Vallejo / Illustrator: Rafael Ayala / Photographer: Carlos Rodriguez / Location: Monterrey, Mexico. See other projects

10. Feeling the weight of a make-or-break merger?

Hilarious office advertising which makes us understand the message behind it. Nice use of the telephone, the pencil and the calculator. Makes it more realistic!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Della Femina Rothschild Jeary & Partners / Creative Director: Jerry Della Femina / Associate / Creative Director / Art Director: Jason Rogers / Associate / Creative Director / Copywriter: Mac McLaurin / Producer: Francis Timoney / Location: New York, USA. See source

11. Print advertisement

Lovely concept for cleaning maniac! Unfamiliar mix between the pencil and the whisk! What a taste!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Belgium / Creative Director:Jan Teulingkx / Art Director: Didier Vanden Brande / Copywriter: Damien Veys / Photographer: Christophe Gilbert / Location : Brussels, Belgium. See more projects

12. Toyota Land Cruiser Pen

This colourful car advertising is without a doubt strong and beautiful in the same time. The use of the pencil as a tribal jewelry is clever. So fashionable!

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw. See source

13. Kellog's Office print campaign

This mishmash of the office supplies represents the stress amount we face every day at work. Amazing how the women look so confident! We want that snack maybe we'll feel better after!

CREDITS: Executive Creative Director: Andrew Fraser Associate / Creative Director: Ben O'Brien / Art Director: Steven Lannello / Photographer: Andreas Smetana / Retoucher: Electric Art / Copywriter: Ben Clare / Account Manager: Kim Le Gras / Agency Producer: Paul Blackwood. See source

14. Bafco Desk, print campaign

Credits: Advertising Agency: Sandpaper Middle East, Dubai, UAE / Creative Director / Art Director: Peter Caush / Copywriter: Tim Derry / Photographer: Suresh Subramanian. See other projects for this campaign

15. Unexpected mix

Great and simple orthopedic advertising using a black phone. Unexpected mix that gives something original. great work! Source

Nowadays, our industrial and capitalist lifestyle needs inventive and brilliant artists who will bring to this world a bit of humanity. Consequently, Layer-Lab encourages creativity in every way possible by offering to the design world high resolution of stock images already cut out and ready-to-use.

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